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AFTER-MOUSE.COM has spent the last four years mastering emerging technologies in the touch and gesture recognition sectors. We've worked with Fortune 500 companies around the globe with deployments ranging from individual tradeshows to worldwide retail and automotive rollouts. Our portfolio site highlights some of our greatest achievements with case studies, photos, videos and more.

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The Windows Store is HERE! And you should be too.

Windows Store logo

Microsoft launched the Windows store in August. This is the first time in history that Windows has offered its own application store, and the opportunity is unprecedented. Imagine getting into the iOs store five years ago before every company out there had an app!

As of September 19, there are only 1800 applications available in the Windows store, whereas the Apple store has over half a million.

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AFTER-MOUSE.COM teams up with Mazda and Hennessy for their new campaign launches

The design of Mazda's application

With the launch of the new CX-5, Mazda wanted a complete overhaul of the car dealership concept, and turned to AFTER-MOUSE.COM to realize their vision of a "virtual showroom". Armed with Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft® PixelSense™, Kinect™, and Windows® 8 based tablets, we developed both touch and gesture based applications currently featured in Mazda's showrooms. (...)

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The future with Windows 8

Le logo de Windows 8

Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 8, will be formally released on October 26 and is a monumental shift from Windows as we know it. With its intuitive tiled interface and new search and share functions, Windows 8 means great things for touch and is an amazing opportunity for your business. Windows 8 is streamlined to run identically on all compatible platforms from tablets to PCs to mobile phones, with incredible potential for Microsoft® Pixelsense™ as well.

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In anteprima da AFTER-MOUSE.COM, arriva Microsoft® Surface® 2.0 !

Prenota oggi la nuova unità tattile Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft® PixelSense™ e beneficia delle competenze e del know-how di AFTER-MOUSE.COM.

AFTER-MOUSE.COM - Microsoft® Surface® 2

AFTER-MOUSE.COM rinforza il proprio status di leader mondiale nello sviluppo di applicazioni tattili rivelando qualche istante prima dell'annuncio ufficiale che una ventina di applicazioni sono disponibili fin da ora per la nuovissima unità tattile di Microsoft®.

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AFTER-MOUSE.COM presenta la prima applicazione al mondo per il mondo dedicata al settore RETAIL che sfrutta le recentissime tecniche di Motion Recognition su Windows 7!

AFTER-MOUSE.COM - Kinect on Windows 7

La rivoluzione è in arrivo! Poche settimane fa Microsoft Kinect™ ha rivoluzionato il mondo del gioco ed ora è giunto il momento di portare questa nuova tecnologia al mondo delle aziende. Questo è ciò che AFTER-MOUSE.COM offre oggi presentando la prima applicazione per il mondo Retail basata su Kinect™ for Windows e Windows7, un'esperienza completamente nuova in cui l'utilizzatore e l'interfaccia sono la stessa cosa. Non servono periferiche e non occorre (...)

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Discover APPS by AFTER-MOUSE.COM, a download platform for interactive applications


A world premiere in the new world of motion recognition, APPS is a download platform that offers a large range of both touch screen and motion recognition based applications starting at $500 excl. tax and available for immediate purchase and instant use.

Choose among the twenty packaged applications available in APPS to find the one that best suits your needs.(...)

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Time Square future with Kinect™ and AFTER-MOUSE.COM Atlantis Bahamas Microsoft Surface : Mojito Lab & AFTER-MOUSE.COM Scratch'Move: attract customers with Kinect Kinect Avatar on Windows 7 by AFTER-MOUSE.COM Retail'Move Gold, a new way of selling with Kinect™ and ASUS® Xtion PRO Pong'Touch, a free touch screen game downloadable on APPS for Windows 7 and Microsoft® Surface® Retail'Move is a motion recognition based application allowing users to discover products in a complete new way Map'Touch, an hotel geolocation application on Microsoft® Surface® and Windows 7. Presentation'Move -- Classic version, a new and innovative way to present with Kinect Ecard'Touch, a photo edition application on Windows 7 and Microsoft® Surface® 1.0 and 2.0 Presentation'Move -- Gold version, a new and innovative way to present using Kinect Cocktail'Touch, an innovative application for bars and restaurants on Microsoft® Surface AFTER-MOUSE.COM : using Kinect on Windows 7 to create the world first Retail application Microsoft Surface and Share'Touch : share, correct, negotiate ! Microsoft Surface : AFTER-MOUSE.COM creates a new 3D experience for homebuilders AFTER-MOUSE.COM and Internity creates a new experience in retail Microsoft Surface and Immo'Touch : the first real estate solution by AFTER-MOUSE.COM Microsoft Surface and Resto'Touch : the 5th sense now available Microsoft Surface and Paint'Touch, AFTER-MOUSE.COM creates an innovative kid's game! Microsoft Surface : AFTER-MOUSE creates the first game in real 3D : a Casino roulette Windows 7 : AFTER-MOUSE.COM creates the first 3D tactile world Microsoft Surface : AFTER-MOUSE.COM created a new application dedicated to Health Care Microsoft Surface : AFTER-MOUSE.COM creates the first payment system Microsoft Surface : AFTER-MOUSE.COM and nsquared create the first Web browser! Microsoft Surface : AFTER-MOUSE.COM creates real object recognition Microsoft Surface : AFTER-MOUSE.COM brings tactile to children with Planet'Touch Microsoft Surface: AFTER-MOUSE.COM 3D engine

Cannes 2011 : AFTER-MOUSE.COM on the Croisette !

AFTER-MOUSE.COM & AUDI - Festival de Cannes

This year, during the 64th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, touch screen and motion recognition applications were in the spotlight at Audi Lounge. Mandated by Audi France, AFTER-MOUSE.COM developed two applications to present the Audi Talents Awards organized by the prestigious German brand. Many celebrities have been able to use these new technologies to discover portraits of laureates and view or review the previous ceremonies.

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La prima applicazione multitouch e multiuser a soli 500 EUR (+IVA)* !


Chi ha detto che le soluzioni multitouch sono costose? Siamo lieti di presentare una nuova applicazione multitouch e multiutente a soli 500€ (+IVA)* ! Quiz'Touch, l'applicazione sviluppata per la nuova versione di Microsoft® Surface® basata sul nuovissimo hardware Samsung SUR40. Quiz'Touch è un ambiente completo di generazione di Quiz che consente a quattro giocatori o squadre di competere rispondendo ad una serie di domande.

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AFTER-MOUSE.COM launches Share'Touch, a multi touch collaborative tool


Share, negotiate and correct in real time with Share'Touch! Share'Touch simplifies your exchanges, whether you need to optimize communication within you company or with your external partners. This new business application by AFTER-MOUSE.COM enables all devices running under Windows 7 to be connected together: whether you use a PC, a Tablet PC, or a Microsoft® Surface® 1.0 or 2.0 unit, the application connects (...)

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Leader nello sviluppo di applicazioni tattili
AFTER MOUSE è uno dei leader mondiali nello sviluppo di applicazioni tattili multi touch  basate su tecnologia Microsoft Surface™ e Windows 7 con 13 uffici in 11 paesi e oltre 25 applicativi già sviluppati.

Il nostro team è composto da esperti nello sviluppo di applicazioni tattili, in design 2D e 3D,  ed in ergonomia...

Lo showroom AFTER-MOUSE.COM di New York è aperto!


Alla presenza di partner, clienti, potenziali clienti e giornalisti, il 12 gennaio 2011, nel cuore di New York, ha avuto luogo l'inaugurazione dei 410 mq dello showroom, il primo interamente dedicato ad applicazioni tattili basate su tecnologia Microsoft®. In posizione ideale, nel cuore di Manhattan, sulla prestigiosa Fifth Avenue, questo nuovo showroom riflette perfettamente l'immagine del marchio moderno (...)

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